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Welcome to 281 474 976 712 644 AD

The observable universe is now a near obsolete term. The expansion of the universe has left remote galaxies lost to red shift and interstellar gas has depleted, triggering the final phases of star formation. With the minimal star formation occurring as the product of brown dwarf collisions, we are left with a universe now littered with black holes.

Scattered among the absolute black, are ships of 1988 spacefarers waking from their trillion year slumber. With minimal sentient life inhabiting this universe, and lost planetary infrastructure, these voyagers are left to survive armed with a 16-bit CPU.

Notch has provided the following information on the science fiction aspects of the game:

So what do I mean by “Hard Science Fiction”?

Probably not as hard as you’re hoping!

I mean I will try to make sure that the science in the game has some kind of plausible
theoretical basis in reality, and that I want to be corrected if I make any mistakes.
If I have to go against any current science, I want it to be an informed decision.
For example, because time needs to run at the same speed for all players in the game,
I am probably going to have to add some way to travel faster than the speed of light.

So basically, as few hand-wavey things as possible, with the rest rigorously explained.

If you’re an expert on a field I’ve made a mistake in, PLEASE let me know!

/ Notch

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